Career advice

We work with a number of individuals from senior / industry professionals through to graduate / entry level job seekers.
We will help you understand how your skills and experience can translate into your dream job. If pursuing a new certification would help you secure the job you want, we will be able to recommend the best certificates to obtain in order to increase your chances of career success.

Change of career?
Do you have many years of professional experience but are considering a change of direction in your career? If you register with us, we can help advise you on careers that may be a good fit for you based on your skill set, interests, and previous professional experience.

Interview preparation
You’ve applied for a position and secured an interview so now is the time to make sure you present yourself well and put your best foot forward. Being prepared for your interview is essential to your job search success. Our one-on-one approach will guide you through what to expect during your interview, allow you to practice answers to commonly asked questions and brief you on interview etiquette. Our interview preparation process will ensure you have all the tools you need to make the best first impression.

Interview feedback
We will liaise with your potential employer after your interview to gather feedback from your interview. Most of our job seekers feel empowered by feedback from their interview as it helps uncover areas for improvement and bring an individual’s strengths to light. At this stage the potential employer will let us know if they are interested in making an offer of employment or requesting a second interview.

Salary negotiation
Although there are many factors that influence your decision to accept a job, we know that salary is usually a key factor. When an employer informs us of their intention to make a job offer to you, we will discuss your salary expectations with them to ensure both parties are on the same page. If there is a difference between the salary the employer is planning to offer and your expected salary, we will work with the employer to determine if any flexibility exists in order to help make the job offer more attractive to you.