About us

Firstcall was established by Tina and Silvi in 1994 after gaining valuable skills and experience working in the city of London. Since our establishment in Guernsey we have provided specialist recruitment services to job-seekers and employers located in multiple jurisdictions – both onshore and offshore.

Our team of recruitment specialists have over 60 years of combined experience in the recruitment industry, specialist knowledge of the job market and, most importantly, a passion for what we do and the impact it has on individuals lives and businesses continued success.

We are currently based on Glategny Esplanade however this hasn’t always been the case as some of our clients and candidates may remember. Our first office was in the heart of town at number 5 Commercial Arcade. From there we went on to occupy two more Commercial Arcade offices before moving on to the Harbour which was our penultimate stop before our current office. With a change of office does not come a change of faces, more of an addition. You will still find Tina and Silvi around the Firstcall office with the addition of Senior Recruitment Consultant and son of Tina and Silvi, Marcel! Joining the family office are Recruitment Consultant Dion Salmon and Recruitment Support Executive Samantha Downes.

Firstcall consultants are on hand to assist with a range of recruitment needs within both the financial services and commercial sectors and cover permanent, temporary and contract assignments comprising of both full-time and part-time roles.

Our website provides a wealth of information on all our current job opportunities and offers the chance to apply for anything that peaks your interest. Why not also check out our Blogs section for latest updates and useful hints and tips to help guide you through all stages of your career.

We aim to truly offer thoughtful, conscientious services with integrity and professionalism throughout.

So, whether you are in the market for a new job opportunity or looking to recruit your next staff member – Make us your Firstcall.. The only call you need!